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From cruises to beaches to Europe and anywhere in between, CBA Travel can get you where you want to be!  With over 15 years experience in the travel industry, we can help you make memories that you'll treasure for a lifetime!

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My name is Evangeline Lantagne (most people call me Van), and Iím the owner of CBA Travel. I'd like to tell you about how the business came to be, and share with you my feelings on what we can do together to create a memorable travel experience for you!

My first real travel adventure came for me after high school. I saved up my money to visit the one place I was determined to see, Israel!  For ten days I was immersed in a place of such history and significance. All these years later, I can still close my eyes and hear the sounds of Jerusalem and feel the warmth of the sun walking through Bethlehem and Nazareth.  To think I touched the ancient stones of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, stood by the Roman Aqueduct of Caesarea, and literally floated on the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth!  One could taste the salt in the air and feel the stillness surround you.  I remember looking down from Herodís mountain top fortress, Masada, across miles of hot, isolated land and feeling the haunting stillness of that place. The memory of the Jordan River flowing through that dry land and the blue waters of the Sea of Galilee still stirs my soul. These were places I had read about and I had the chance to see them!

I felt so blessed, and I was hooked on travel from that point on.  However, not being independently wealthy, grand opportunities like this were few and far between!   

That wasnít going to stop me, so my sister and I shared an adventure closer to home - Walt Disney World.  To coin a phrase it was a ďmagicalĒ place.  A wonderful place to be a kid, no matter how old you are! We had such fun suspending reality for a week!  By the way, Iíve had the chance to visit Mickeyís World several times since that first visit, and it never grows old.  

Life took a different direction once I married.  I had the opportunity to visit Haiti with my husband Doug and that opened my eyes to all the blessings I have. During the years we lived in Virginia and Michigan we spent much time exploring this great country with our children. There were so many historic and beautiful places to discover.  Of course, trips to Vermont for visits with family and friends were always part of our yearly routine. 

One of those lifetime opportunities came around again, when Doug and I crossed the Atlantic and visited England and Scotland. We walked the walls surrounding the city of York and wandered among the ruins of Stonehenge. We drank ale in the pubs and had wonderful conversations with the locals. Traveling on the train we met some wonderful people eager to tell us about their country, and to ask us about ours.  I remember after driving through the miles of lonely moors in Scotland standing by the car on a quiet road watching stone walls march up endless mountainsides in the middle of nowhere.  Lonely castles, grand estates complete with royalty, the bustle of London and the meandering Scotch Distillery Trail are all fond memories. 

A little over 15 years ago I took my love for people and my love for travel and developed my own business.  CBA Travel was born.  Weíre a local company affiliated with over 400 agents throughout the US and Canada.  We have strong domestic and international connections in the travel industry. 

Iím so fortunate to have a job whose main focus is to help create wonderful lifetime memories. One of the great thrills for me is watching the faces of people when I hand over their tickets to an adventure they have been dreaming of for a long time.  I never tire of hearing about all the great things they saw and did when they return home. 

So if you want to cruise the Caribbean, snorkel in the crystal clear water off Nassau, see the ďblingĒ of the jewelry shops in St. Thomas, or the green hillsides of Tortola, weíre here to help.  A stroll down York Street in Toronto, a play in New York, those spectacular glaciers in Alaska, or a stay in a beautiful bed and breakfast in Vancouver, BC?  We can do that!   Mexico, Greece, Rome, Egypt, Ireland and beyond, the world awaits.  Whatís your dream?  CBA Travel can help make it real! 

Iím here to provide assistance with all of your travel needs.  At CBA Travel, we do our best to be as available as possible; daytime, evenings, even weekends!  I know how busy life can get - itís just not 9 to 5 anymore!  The philosophy is simple. Ask questions, make sure of what you want, and provide the best value for your money.  I am your travel consultant, I listen to you. Iím not here to sell my idea of an adventure.  Iím here to make that dream a reality.  I certainly donít claim to know everything, and I surely havenít been everywhere.  However I do have the resources to get the information needed to help you on your way.  So when youíre thinking of travel - think CBA TravelÖ weíll get you there!   

Hereís to your own adventures! 


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